Feelings or Convictions

Feelings or Conviction!

by  Lexie B. Ray

I read of a helicopter pilot who flew from an air­craft carrier in the Pacific who told the following story.

He said, “I was flying the helicopter back to the ship when a blinding fog rolled in. Flying at a low altitude, I knew that a single mistake would plunge my crew and me into the ocean.

Worse yet, I was experiencing a complete loss of balance, which is common for pilots flying by instruments. This loss of balance was so bad that despite the in­strument readings I was certain that I was lying on my side.

For 15 minutes, I flew the helicopter by its instruments, fighting the urge to turn it ac­cording to my feeling. When we finally broke out safely through the fog, I was deeply thankful I had been trained to rely upon my instruments, rather than on my feelings.”

That is what people who live by faith do – they re­member that feelings can be misleading, but the truths in God’s word are reliable, trust-worthy, and consistent. The Christian life, like walking on wat­er, is humanly impossible. It can only be lived through the power of the Jesus Christ.

Storms are going to come. When you’re in a storm with the wind raging and the waves pounding, and you feel like you’re sinking, remember this: the same Lord who allows the storm can still the storm!

Copied from: Sound Doctrine,   Fairdealing church of Christ

My SOURCE: The Pilot Oak Flier, 3/22/09