Lord’s Supper Instructions

It was my privilege to speak at the 14th Annual Southeast Georgia Lectureship on October 24, 2009.  The theme of the lectureship was: “Lessons from Paul.”  My assignment was: “Instructions on the Lord’s Supper.”  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the other speakers: Alan Wright, Randy Vaughn, Stacey Grant, Lee Davis, and Larry Acuff.  A PDF copy of my manuscript is available H-E-R-E.  Copies of the audio and the book are available at:

Richmond Hill church of Christ

11651 Ford AVE

Richmond Hill, GA  31324


Qualifications of Elders

I have prepared a chart listing both the qualifications of elders or bishops in the church and the qualification of Christians to show that only five are unique to elders.  The chart is based on but adapted from an article written by Ancil Jenkins for Sound Doctrine, 12 July 1983.  The wording is from the New King James Version.  Check it out H-E-R-E.