by David Lemmons

We are nearing that time of the year when hearts all over our land are reminded of the importance of giving thanks.  Just this morning, as I shaved, I was listening to a radio program (on American Family Radio) centered on this matter.  One was being interviewed who had written a book entitled: Just Say Thanks.  As I listened to the discussion I sheepishly admitted to myself that I need to be more filled with thanksgiving than I am.  I wonder if that might not be the case with you as well.

I know you will agree with me that following Christ adds such blessings to our lives that thinking about giving thanks only one day per year will simply not suffice.  Likely you have heard the term, as I have: ThanksLiving.  To me, this involves living a life simply filled to the brim with giving of thanks for blessings received.  I would suggest that we are wise to strive to live just such lives.

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