Who Was Mark?

What Do YOU Know about Mark?

by David Lemmons

We have just begun a study into the marvelous Book of Mark, planned mostly for Sunday nights.  Our first lesson was last Sunday night.  I hope if you missed it that you will be making your plans right now to be with us for this important study each Sunday night.  That lesson was introductory in nature and we will begin to delve into the text tonight.

Our Lord Jesus, when he walked upon this earth, was a man of ACTION.  Mark’s account of His life emphasizes His actions, which would appeal to the Romans, whom most believe were Mark’s intended addressees.  As we study Mark we will necessarily notice many of Jesus’ miracles.  Maybe it would be helpful to test ourselves to see how much we know about Mark.  Following the questions below we will have a box of answers.  Please see how many you can answer before peeking.  To answer the questions, go H-E-R-E.