Living Waters

Living Waters: Jeremiah & Jesus

by David Lemmons

At Freed-Hardeman I once took a course in “Cultural Anthropology.”  My teacher for the course was sister Elsie Huffard.  She and her husband had done mission work in Jordan for several years.  One of the things I remember clearly from the class was the unusual appreciation she had for WATER.  She talked more than once about how valuable water was in the Middle East and how strange it was to her to see all of these homes in America with hoses spraying water out on the lawns to grow grass, just so it could then be mowed down.

When I moved to Dublin water was somewhat of a problem.  Georgia was enduring quite a “dry spell.”  The Governor was telling folks to take pride in dirty cars. This was part of a campaign to save the precious resource from being used for such mundane causes as supporting the vanity of driving around in a nice clean car.

I’ve made a dozen international trips to preach and teach the gospel.  During most all of those trips, I found urgent need to purchase some form of clean drinking water.

It is no surprise to me, therefore, to find the great prophet Jeremiah making use of a word picture involving WATER in an attempt to grab the interest of his hard-hearted brethren.

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