A RAY at Maple Hill

Lexie B. RayOn the first Sunday in August I will begin to serve as preacher for the Maple Hill church of Christ in Benton, Kentucky.  In the mean time, it has been a delightful blessing for me to be able to listen to the preaching of Dan Sikes, who is winding down a period of 11 years of faithfully preaching the gospel at Maple Hill.  Knowing of the caliber of preaching that has been done at this congregation really sets a tremendous challenge before me as I enter that area of service in the kingdom.

The man in the photo at left is Lexie B. Ray, preacher for the Fairdealing church in Marshall County, Kentucky.  Lexie just completed a gospel meeting with the Maple Hill church.  It was one of those longer, Sunday through Friday ones.  Lexie has been a friend of mine for many years.  When I lived in Kentucky previously, I listened to him on WCBL each Sunday morning at 7:30.  Thus, it was no surprise for me, when I had moved back, to tune him in on the first Sunday in May of this year at the same time and station.  He is still doing some remarkable preaching, even at 78 years of age.  During the course of the meeting, he estimated that he had presented somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 Bible lessons during that time.  He did a wonderful job for us at Maple Hill and we appreciate having his strong voice in Marshall County.  One of our elders, Jimmie Phelps, recorded the eight lessons Lexie presented and I have converted them to mp3 files.  You can listen to them by clicking on the sermon titles listed below.  Also, if you wish to download them to your computer, you can RIGHT-click on the title and then tell your computer where to store these precious audio files.

You are Special!  33:12

Being Responsible Like Jesus  29:33

Forgiveness  45:29

How to Tell Right from Wrong  43:06

5 Views of Mark 16.16  43:21

Take Time to Be Holy  42:54

God’s Great Promise  44:48

If I Only Had One Sermon to Preach…  49:37

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