Swelled Feet

And Their Feet Swelled Not

(Nehemiah 9:21)

by David Lemmons

What an AMAZING chapter in God’s Word is Nehemiah chapter 9!!!  It is a chapter which deserves to be read every single day of our lives.  Such a practice should surely get us started down the road toward a proper respect for and love of God Almighty and a deeper respect for His will in our lives.  It was a part of my daily Bible reading on Thursday, and I am thankful to be able to write a few lines to encourage you to read it, as well.  I have confidence that spiritual fruit will be produced as a result, to the glory of God.

This great chapter of some 38 verses is mostly composed of a prayer to God from His people.  It is actually a NATIONAL CONFESSION OF SINS, if you will.  It is one of the most beautiful prayers you will ever find anywhere from any time period.

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