Wonderful Gift

In visiting this morning, I was privileged to visit one of our members who is unable to get out to our assemblies. She happens to be quite an artist! She also is 83 years young and suffers a great deal of pain from arthritis and other physical problems. In times past she has been actively involved in the work of the Bellevue Road church in Dublin. We appreciate her efforts and are thankful that she finds ways to keep her mind and her imagination active as she is confined to her home. She continues to contribute of her means as God prospers her to the work of the church in Dublin. I bring to her the handouts we use in our Bible classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights.

One of her recent “projects” was to draw and paint the scene above for my oldest daughter, Heather. In a previous visit, we had spoken about some lighthouse scenes that hanged on her walls and I told her that my daughter loves lighthouses. On the painting above, at the bottom border, the inscription is: 3-10-2008. Bridie V. Truman, 83 Years old. What a wonderful gift that I will be able to give my daughter when she visits here in two or three weeks.

Taj Foot

DRL Note: As I was unpacking some boxes from my recent move, I came across a photo and some notes of my trip to India in 1986. I thought I might share some of that here…

I have made two trips to preach the gospel in the great nation of India (1986, 1994). These trips were made at the invitation of my friend and fellow Brown Trail alum, Royce Frederick.

On my very first internatioinal trip, the port of entry was CALCUTTA. How’s that for getting introduced to the vast differences between Bernie, Missouri (where I lived at the time) and the intensely populated nation of India? On that first trip I was able to look up and work with two native Indian preachers who had been receiving financial support from the Bernie church (where I preached) for quite some time. It was a wonderful experience!

Among many other places, Royce and I were also blessed to be able to visit and teach in the capital city of Delhi. We were graciously allowed to use the facilities at E-10-B (I forget the street), where J.C. & Betty Choate reside when they are in India. I am saddened at the recent death of brother J.C. We made contact with some of the subscribers to Royce’s paper, International Gospel Teacher. We invited them to meet with us for assemblies to study the Bible together.

While in Delhi, it being so close to one of the great wonders of the world, I took a day off (20 February 1986) to visit the Taj Mahal. Royce had already seen the Taj Mahal, having visited India many times before, so I went alone. I booked a bus tour. The trip to Agra took about four hours. We crossed two state borders. I had a very comfortable front seat all to myself. We stopped at Secundera, then spent about an hour at the beautiful Taj Mahal. We ate a very nice buffet luncheon at the Taj Restaurant nearby. Of course, we were taken to a government-run marble works factory and store to spend some rupees. It was on this tour that I also saw the Red Fort–A stunning sight!

As we returned to Delhi, about halfway back, we stopped for tea. It was about dusk when we stopped, and as I was leaving to get back to the bus, I missed a step in the darkness and severely injured my left ankle. The photo above was taken the next day.

What a blessing it was, though, to work with brother Royce Frederick and other brethren and to spend a total of 14 weeks in two trips to beautiful India. The people of India are wonderful and it really is a gospel preacher’s dream. They will listen attentively and keep you preaching from sunrise to sunset.

Nice Tie

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo above, but this is a photo (my wife took) of a NICE TIE!!!  My friends, the Loftons, from Kentucky gave me this tie before I left KY.  This tie features photos of Maverick Aiden Simmons, my grandson. 

After arriving in Georgia and waiting a couple of weeks, I wore the tie on a Wednesday.  I made a trip to the local Wal-Mart and was shocked at the attention this tie generated among the customers and workers there.  A great number of TOTAL STRANGERS came up to me and complimented the tie.  It was amazing!  Evidently, Georgians are behind Kentuckians in modern-day photography because they seemed never to have seen such ties as the one I had worn.  Or, maybe it was just the good looks of Maverick to which credit should go.

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Maverick Aiden Simmons

BIG MAV… (Maverick Aiden Simmons) Born 9:10 p.m., 11/07/07, 9 lbs., 9 oz., 20 1/2 inches.

Grandpa, that’ll put a smile on your face.

Grandma and her first grandson.

Aunt Rachel and the little man.

With mom.

With Kris’s Mom.

Grandpa and Maverick with Proud Papa in the Background

Proud Father, Kris Simmons
We did let Kris hold his son for a minute.

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East Tennessee

East Tennessee

Diane, Rachel, and I visited with a church in eastern Tennessee yesterday and were welcomed in a fine way.  I am not mentioning the name because I don’t know for sure that they would want it mentioned here.  We are thankful for the hospitality shown us.  We met some fine brothers and sisters.  Our search has only just begun and we continue to search for a good congregation with which to work for the next ten or fifteen years.  No decision has yet been made and, of course, such decisions as this are difficult to make on both sides.  I would request your prayers on our behalf as we deal with the exciting and yet stressing emotions of the task.

—David Lemmons

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A Visit to the Creation Museum

Diane and I enjoyed a visit to the Creation Museum last Friday. I have posted before regarding this place and you can read that post by clicking H-E-R-E. From that post you can retrieve some of the details that I will not mention here. The website for the museum itself is found H-E-R-E.

We were at the door at 10:00 a.m., the advertised opening time. Already a line had formed to purchase tickets, but at least the waiting was inside in the cool, (perhaps you can see from the ticket above that it took us 34 minutes). I was amazed all day at the size of the crowd. It is certainly encouraging to me that there were this many people interested in learning more about creation and how to give answer to the evolutionists. However, quite honestly, it was just a bit inconvenient to stand in lines all day. I am not sure if Friday is an especially busy day or if they are all about the same. There were professional security people to help us park our car and get inside. All of the personnel here were very nice and friendly.

I’ve read from one of Ken Hamm’s blogs that a big day at the museum is about 3800 and that already in their first ten weeks they have had 150,000 visitors.

My sweet wife has a slight (did I really say SLIGHT) problem with claustrophobia. As a result, we sort of took the JET tour through portions of the exhibit. Some of them were dark and confining and pretty much like being inside a cave. Nonetheless, we spent about 5 ½ hours there, counting our lunch time in “Noah’s Café.” Sometime I would like to return and take the TURTLE tour.

The entire museum is quite impressive. A multitude of facts are paraded before your eyes in various media. There are endless video monitors suspended from varying angles, armed with 1 to 3 minute video presentations. These monitors are close-captioned also, which is convenient when there are so many viewing the displays (noise from whom sometimes prevent the audio from being received completely). The flood portion of the tour is a shining point of interest and attractively constructed. How refreshing and DIFFERENT it was to be touring through such an expansive and expensive facility centered on ORIGINS and be presented with an alternative to atheistic or theistic evolution! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

The “Men in White” Theater has its own surprises for those entering in and I would certainly recommend that you enter. I’ll not go into the details, but I am confident it will be something you have not experienced before. Even with standing in line a few minutes it surely was worth the effort.

Before my visit I was advised that the Planetarium would be worth the extra $5.00. I am thankful that I accepted that advice and stood in line for it. It surely helped to give this old feeble mind a little better concept of the vast distances and sizes of outer space. I am sure there is no device known to man today to do such adequately, but this must have come the closest I’ve ever come to it so far. It was something else!

However, to me it is a source of amazement and confounds me no end how such men as the ANSWERS IN GENESIS men can be so intelligent and wise in matters relating to origins and be so foolish with regard to salvation matters. They do have a brief (less than 30 minutes) video regarding salvation at the end of the tour in their “Last Adam Theater.” Their presentation leaves off baptism as if Jesus HAD NOT connected it in His own words of Mark 16:16. We are saddened by that lack of understanding of such an easily understood statement from our Lord.

I am made to rejoice, however, as my overall impression that such a place as this exists in our land to stir the thoughts of people BACK TO THE BIBLE.

–David Lemmons