If Only

If we could understand…

The terror of sin…

The price of salvation…

The nature and magnitude of God’s grace…

The potential in prayer…

The blessings of Bible study…

The impact of influence…

The value of unity…

The dynamism of the church…

The glory of service…

The power of love…

The fragility of today…

The duration of eternity…

And the worth of one soul…

Then Christians would have no trouble

converting neighbors, family, friends or

the world!

Source:  The Visitor, 17 May 2009, Adamsville church of Christ

Jesus Christ the Missionary

Source: Pilot Oak Bulletin, #220, 5/18/08

Jesus Christ the Missionary

by Josh Ketchum

Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus was a missionary? He left his homeland, a place of glory and comfort (Philippians. 2:6-7), and came to a foreign land and culture. Christ came and “dwelt among us” (John 1:14). From the perspective of viewing Christ as a missionary we observe four les­sons for our lives in seeking to spread the gospel.

  • 1. Christ was willing to go. Oh! How thankful we should be that Christ was willing to come to earth and be the “Lamb of God” (John 1:29). We should be willing to go in His service to our friends and neighbors always looking for opportuni­ties to share the gospel.
  • 2. Christ saw everyone as a prospect. He went to all types of people, Jesus taught the multitudes of Jews, but he also taught Samaritans (John 4:), a Syrophenician woman (Matthew 15:), a Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:), a Nobleman (John 4:), and the demon possessed (Mark 5:). The gospel is for all.
  • 3. Christ taught in a simple, understandable, and practical manner. He used parables and short statements to give clear messages of truth. He was a master at using questions to probe the mind and heart of his listeners. We need to become skilled at turning daily conversations into opportunities for evangelism. Don’t be ashamed to talk about what Jesus has done for you. Constantly be looking for open doors to invite people to worship or church activities.
  • 4. Christ loved people. A great missionary must have a sincere love for the people he came to evangelize. Christ was “moved with compassion for them” (Mark 6:34). We need to make sure people always know we love them. Christ was a great missionary. We can learn some tremendous lessons for how to be evangelistic in our daily lives as well.

Husband Not a Christian?

Number 529

My Source: THE FAMILY FRIEND, Vol 3, #6, 6/01
Calvert City church of Christ
Author: Jim O’Connor
File Under: Marriage


by Jim O’Connor

Many wonderful ladies find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having a husband who isn’t a Christian. It’s a sad situation which causes, in many cases, great anguish of heart and presents a
tremendous challenge to the Christian’s faith. However, it is not an impossible situation for the one who has the desire to cope with it and the faith to do so. Perhaps the following suggestions will be

  • 1… DON’T GIVE UP! It was just to such a situation as this that
    Paul wrote, “For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy
    husband?” (1 Cor 7:16). Paul didn’t recommend giving up and
    neither do I. Surrender to his unfaithfulness is not the
    answer. It will do nothing but drag you into his lost state and
    erect barriers which might well be the doom of both of you.
  • 2… BE A CHRISTIAN WIFE. Learn what the Bible teaches in 1 Peter
    3:1-4 and Titus 2:4,5 and then make a conscious, determined effort to
    practice it. What he needs more than anything else at this time
    is the gospel according to you.
  • 3… BE AN ACTIVE PART OF THE CHURCH. Many husbands are
    unreachable because the wife demonstrates in her life that the church
    is unimportant.
  • 4… SPEAK WELL OF THE CHURCH. Criticism of the church will have
    a negative effect. Emphasis on the bad side will blind him to the
    good side and the divine side. Any congregation has a good
    side. Look for it and talk it up!
    . Many husbands have been brought to the Lord by this method.
  • 6… PRAY REGULARLY FOR HIM. The Lord’s counsel in Luke 18:1 is
    important. Let him know that he is on your prayer list.
    Just knowing that someone is praying for you has a tremendous effect.

These few suggestions will not guarantee the conversion of your husband, but the chances are good that they won’t do you any harm. Give them a try.

How the Apostles Taught

How the Apostles Taught the People

This is a 6-page outline based upon Chapter 3 in J.D. Bales’ book, The Hub of the Bible, in which I have summarized and reformatted much of the content of this discussion from Acts 2, and added a little here and there. There are ten points made here regarding the HOW of presenting the saving message to the lost. I am confident that our brethren need to study the HOW of teaching from the examples we have in Scripture. Acts 2 is a great place to go. It is in PDF format. You can read it H-E-R-E.

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Gospel Meetings

Source: Gospel Advocate, 1/19/1984


by Sarah Hudson Pierce

Forty-five years ago someone said to a friend, “There’s a meeting going on; why don’t you go?”  Because he said that to her, she went–and she became a Christian.

After becoming a Christian, she soon converted her husband.  She was married to him 40 years, and after he died she married another man, she also converted.

Not long after becoming a Christian, she converted her mother and one brother.

She had one son.  She was a Christian mother, so she raised him up to want to be a Christian.  Her son had a friend who didn’t have a Christian home and desperately needed one and wanted one.  He looked to his friend’s mother as his own mother.  He was led to become a Christian also.  He married a Christian girl and they had two children and later adopted a third. All three are Christians and one is studying to be a minister.

The lady’s son was attracted to a girl, and both the girl and her mother were drawn to the church and both became Christians.  The girl had an older sister who wasn’t a Christian.  The older sister saw the lives of her sister’s family and later she and her husband became Christians.

After the son who was attracted to the girl got married, they had three children.  One son was born afflicted, but found a very special spot in the family and was sorely missed when he was called home 20 years later.  The sisters who were left became Christians.

These two sisters have married husbands who have become Christians.  Does the chain of influence stop here?  I would have to answer, “No!”  The chain of influence, whether for good or evil, never stops.

It was all because one friend, Lorene Ashford Atzenhoffer, listened and her heart was moved to obey the gospel that this chain of events started.  It started when one man said, “There’s a meeting going on; why don’t you go?”  Only eternity will tell how many lives were touched.

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